English & Languages

Dr. Michael Dorrell

English/English Literature/TOK Teacher

    Dr. Michael Dorrell is a native English speaker, with BSc (Hons) 1st Class and PhD degrees from UK universities and is a long-time permanent resident in Hong Kong.

    He has a great deal of experience in teaching/mentoring to a wide variety of age groups. He has tutored and prepared teenagers for the IGCSE English (first language), IGCSE English (second language) and IGCSE English Literature, GCE English, TOEFL, ACT and IELTS exams. He has been closely involved in the IB mentoring and tutoring of subjects such as English Language and Literature, the Individual Oral Assessment (IOA), Extended Essay (EE) and Theory of Knowledge (TOK) as well as the detailed applications process for university admissions around the world. He has also taught business English to adults in their company setting and has edited university undergraduate and postgraduate theses and dissertations.

    Joseph Hess

    English/English Literature Teacher

      Joseph obtained his Bachelor of Arts (1st class Hons) degree in Time Based Media from the University of the West of England in the UK, specialising in Visual Culture, Literary Adaptations and Scriptwriting. He has experience teaching English to a wide range of ages and abilities from upper primary and secondary to university and post-graduate students. He is experienced in teaching IGCSE, GCSE, GCE, IB and HKDSE English Language/English Literature.

      With a lifelong interest in literature and a background in reader development as part of a dynamic library team in the UK, he is well placed to guide students to discover and explore the exciting challenges and joys of English for themselves.


      Spanish Teacher

        John is a native Spanish speaker who graduated from a university in Venezuela with a degree in law. For the past nine years, John has been teaching Spanish in Hong Kong at different levels. Apart from being experienced in helping students prepare for public exams such as IGCSE and DELE, he has also taught Spanish for fun, travelling and business.

        Philip Mills

        English/ History/ French/ German Teacher

          Educated and trained as a linguist/translator/interpreter, Philip Mills holds an MA (Honours) degree in European Languages and Literatures from the University of Waikato in his native New Zealand. He is therefore not only a native speaker of English, but also trained and educated in the grammar and structure of the English language. He has also undertaken a transition Teaching Diploma.

          Philip’s very international career has spanned seven countries across Europe, Asia and the Pacific. Highlights include teaching English, French, German and History in private schools in New Zealand and England, and also a significant private sector career in Human Resources in Asia Pacific, during which he devised and taught his own training courses.

          Philip speaks English, French, German and basic Cantonese. His language skills, his training in literary analysis, his people-focused corporate career and a deep life-long passion for reading position him as a strong teacher of both language and literature. He is experienced in teaching English, French, German and History at various levels.


          English/English Literature Teacher

            Charmaine graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in English and English Literature from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  She then obtained her Master’s degree in Gender, Literature and Modernity from the University of Warwick in the UK. She started her private English tuition when she was in university.  She has also been an English instructor at various institutes in Hong Kong.

            Charmaine believes that learning is an intellectual communication of knowledge, culture and experience, and the learning process should be fun, lively and not only be textbook-based. She has been teaching students of diverse backgrounds, ranging from Year/Grade 1 to undergraduate levels. With her passion in English Language teaching and her expertise in English Literature, she is well regarded by students and parents.


            Chinese and Putonghua Teacher

              Snowy Fu completed her Master of Arts programme in Putonghua Education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She achieved level 1-B (at least 92% correct) in the National Putonghua Proficiency Test (PSC). She has taught Chinese and Putonghua at secondary and post-secondary schools for more than 13 years. She is also experienced in teaching Chinese at IGCSE and GCE levels. Her tutorials aim to help students improve their Chinese reading comprehension using proper techniques such as analysis, induction, appreciation and evaluation. Students are also taught different writing techniques; the planning and structures behind narrative, descriptive and argumentative essays; and how to appropriately use the Chinese language to express their thoughts and feelings.