From some of our students/parents:


“Hi this is Lawrence, I am very lucky to receive a 7 in Biology. Please bring millions thanks to LC sir!” – Lawrence, Jul 2019


“Please send thanks to LC sir & Samuel! I got 7 for both Bio & Econ!” – Jasmine (received offer from HKU to study Law), Jul 2019


“My daughter got A in both IAL AS & AL in Accounting. I would like to say thank you to Mr. Khokhar for teaching her. Without him, she should not be able to achieve this result in these few months. He is very patient and always builds her confidence in study.” – Mrs. Wong, Mar 2019


“Please help to say thank you to my tutor Michael for teaching me – wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without his help!  I got a top level 7 result for the IB Higher Level English Lang & Lit exam, a B in EE, a B in TOK, and full marks for the artist comparative study presentation essay since he supported me in those aspects of IB as well.” – Dione, Jul 2018


“I got 5** (the highest grade) in my Eng Lit DSE exam! Thank you so much for giving us so many useful tips and making Eng Lit fun for me again!” – Charlotte, Jul 2018


“My son has received an offer from Cambridge University to study Natural Science!  My heartfelt thanks to Sunny and other teachers @ A-Square who have helped him along the way on his quest!” – Mrs. T, Jan 2018


“Thank you so much for your lessons these few months.  It is definitely my honour to be your student.  Thanks for provoking my interest in different genres of English Literature and recommending lots of enjoyable readings.  My confidence is boosted and I am learning to appreciate pieces from different centuries with different backgrounds.  (…I am not afraid of [poems anymore].)  I will make the most of my university life in UK…” – Sisi, Sep 2016


“In one year of IGCSE Maths tuition, Paul took one of us from a “U” grade (less than 10%) to an “A” grade and the other to a near miss “A”.  We are very grateful for Paul’s teaching, confidence boosting and general all around help.” – Brian and Marco, 2016


“The IGCSE Easter class was fun and motivating!  It forced me to work or else I would’ve been lazy at home.  I got A* in Science!  A huge thanks to …  Sunny!” – Janice


“LC Sir is a very nice teacher.  He is very friendly, and there is no awkwardness between students and the teacher.  The classes did not give us stress but we were still able to learn.” – Elena


“The teacher is very patient, intelligent and funny.  The centre’s location is also very convenient.” – Darren


“Our teacher has a wide range of knowledge and the centre has very kind teachers and staff (X1000).  LC Sir can deal with students with difficult behaviors and different abilities.  Thanks to this teacher who can tolerate and accept me for who I am and doesn’t give up on me.  I really respect him.” – Colin


“Tutors provide a wide range of knowledge.  They are also easy going and patient.” – Matthew


“The teachers were very patient and helpful.  They also had a wide range of knowledge… LC Sir was patient and intelligent.  Sunny was very nice, patient and good.” – Zoe


“It was really fun having lessons with LC and Ivan. And a big thank you to Ivan for recalling my interest towards Chemistry! “ – Amy


“The classes were quite interesting and it was a lot better than I thought it would be. It also made my exams seem a lot easier and helped me a lot to get a better grade.” – Megan


“Thanks to Dr. Michael for his lessons with my son and for his patience. My son enjoys them very much, and he said he is more confident in reading literature.” – parent


“Thank you so much for your teaching over these two years!  There is always fun and humour in your lessons.  You are kind, patient and wise!” – Kelly


“For TOK, I got an A!!!! yayyy. Thank you so much for brainstorming the question for me.” – Kenny


“Thank you so much and I think that your effort was one of the factors which caused me to get a level 6 in English. ” – Kenny


”Thank you very much indeed for your great assistance in pushing my daughter’s potential up to get such a good improvement.” – parent


From one of our teachers:


“Valerie (Oxford) and another student (Cambridge) have been called to Oxbridge interviews in early December. They both constructed their Personal Statements at A-Square, followed by several sessions on interview skills and interview role play. We wish them well for the ‘real thing’!

The Individual Oral Commentary (IOC) for both HL & SL IB English is, perhaps, one of the most stressful of IB requirements – and has just been completed. This involves unseen oral commentary of 8-10 minutes (which is filmed/recorded for external examination) following 20 minutes’ preparation of unseen poetry/literary texts. A-Square helped prepare 7 IOC students from Shatin College / KGV this year – one student scored a maximum Level 7, three students scored Level 6s (one improving from Level 3 before A Square involvement) and one student scored Level 5. Two students said they were very pleased with their results.

One of our students has been awarded the top ‘A grade’, subject to external marker confirmation, for the dreaded 1600 word IB Theory of Knowledge essay…the first of our students to achieve this!” 

– Michael; our teacher of English, English Literature, IB Theory of Knowledge, Personal Statements and Interview Skills for University Admissions